About Verrill Farm

Verrill Farm is operated as a partnership between Stephen and Joan Verrill and daughter Jennifer Verrill Faddoul. Our farm consists of about 200 acres in Concord and Sudbury. One hundred acres are prime farmland and 100 acres are wildlife habitats, woodlands, and wetlands. Steve’s father and mother moved to Concord in 1918 and started a successful dairy business.

In 1957, upon graduation from Cornell University, Steve assumed operation of the farm. In 1982, after years of planning and negotiations, about 200 acres were placed under an Agricultural Preservation Restriction, thus preventing development of this land. This long term commitment gave sharper focus to our agricultural enterprises.

In 1990, the dairy herd was sold and plans began to replace the existing tent retail space with a new farm stand, which was built in 1995.

Following a September 2008 fire, a new, “greener” farm stand was built, and opened in Sept. 2009.

Our location at 11 Wheeler Rd. in Concord now includes retail space for produce, specialty foods and gifts, and a large kitchen/bakery providing high quality baked goods, entrees, homemade soups, and salads.


3 Responses to “About Verrill Farm”

  1. dealsbennett Says:

    To The Verrills,
    Our family loves your farm. We are so sorry to have come upon the fire Saturday evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your workers. We look forward to continuing to buy from the new temporary stand. We also look forward to word on your plans for a new building.
    Best regards,
    The Bennetts of Lincoln

  2. Vykki Says:

    I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all you do! We have recently moved to the area and have enjoyed discovering your farm and your wonderful food.
    Thanks so much for providing healthy and delicious prepared foods, as well as all the fresh produce. Keep up the great work!

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