Order Now for Thanksgiving!!

turkey1LET’S TALK TURKEY! Order now for Thanksgiving

There’s less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving!!

Once again we are offering fresh, natural turkeys from Stonewood Farm – a family owned farm in Vermont. These premium quality birds are raised in open-sided barns free of antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products and processed on site resulting in juicy, flavorful birds to cook at home. Please call soon with your order, as popular sizes sell out quickly.

Turkeys are sold in 2 lb. increments from 14 lbs to 18 lbs.
All sizes $3.99 per lb.

Frozen turkey breasts are also available
Boneless breasts: 2-4, 4-6 & 6-8 lbs are $7.75 per lb.
Bone-in Breasts: 7-9, 10-13 & 14-18 are $6.50 per lb.

Our Thanksgiving Menu of side dishes, desserts and pies is available here – http://bit.ly/2f000Mv

Just plan your meal, let us cook it and enjoy the holiday!

We also have a beautiful pumpkin centerpiece and a cranberry vase available to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

Give us a call with your order at 978-369-4494.


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