Thanksgiving 2014 reheating instructions

turkey1If you purchased Thanksgiving side dishes from us, and are looking for re-heating directions, here they are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  1. Butternut Puree – Put into ceramic or glass dish and heat in microwave, 3-4 min, stirring halfway
  2. Mashed potatoes – Best heated in double boiler on stovetop

SIDE DISHES BELOW, REMOVE FROM REFRIGERATOR FOR 30 MIN AND HEAT IN 350 DEGREE OVEN FOR 20-30 MIN – The aluminum pan they are in can be put into the microwave or oven, minus the cover

Root vegetable gratin

Creamed onions

Spiced carrots

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Green bean casserole


Mini pumpkins (at least 30 min or more)

Gravy – Heat in a double boiler on stovetop, or simmer slowly, stirring often

Bread pudding and Indian pudding – Serve cold or heat in a 325 oven for 20-30 min.


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