Oodles of heirlooms!


At last count, we had more than 35 varieties of our heirloom tomatoes for sale in front of our stand.

Our heirloom tomatos can be found in a wide variety of colors, shapes, flavors and sizes.

Choose from:

  • Black Prince – These deep garnet round, tomatoes are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors. The fruits contain deep rich colors on the inside. Perfect for eating fresh, and in cooking in tomato sauce or other culinary wonders.
  • Carbon – A beautiful purple-brown tomato. This heirloom is among the darkest of the black tomatoes with delicious, rich, complex flavors.
  • Green Pineapple – Heirloom originating from Ohio with green flatened-round, beefsteak fruits. Excellent tropical fruit flavors with hints of pineapple.
  • Garden Peach – Small delicate and meaty fruit. Really does have a peach color outside. Hint of red inside. Very mild-sweet taste. Light fuzz on fruit. A very pretty novelty tomato.
  • Moskovich – A deep red, smooth, round and slightly flattened fruit with a luscious, rich taste.
  • Yellow Brandywine -The Yellow Brandywine has become an American favorite heirloom tomato. A yellow-orange (gold), round, flattened, slightly ribbed shouldered beefsteak tomato with delicious, intense sweet flavors balanced with a slight tartness.

We also have several varieties of cherry tomatoes to choose from.


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