Listen up for Verrill Farm on Radio Boston

Andy Husbands (center) cooks up a Verrill Farm porterhouse steak for the Radio Boston segment. Co-host Anthony Brooks (back to camera) and associate producer Dan Mauzy record the action.

Andy Husbands, the award-winning chef/owner of  Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel was at Verrill Farm last Saturday to tape a segment for WBUR’s ‘Radio Boston’ program. For those fans of FOX TV’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” you may remember Husbands from Season 6. He placed 8th out of 17 contestants.

Husbands, who cooked a delicious piece of Verrill Farm grass-fed Porterhouse steak with Parsnip Puree for the Radio Boston cooking segment, was interviewed by Radio Boston host Anthony Brooks.  Associate Producer Dan Mauzy was on the scene in our kitchen as well.

Radio Boston airs each weekday on WBUR at 3 p.m. Keep your ears open for this delicious segment.

Husbands (center) talks steak with Radio Boston associate producer Dan Mauzy (left) and co-host Anthony Brooks.












Husbands puts the finishing touches on the Verrill Farm porterhouse.


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