Order your fresh turkey, sides and desserts now

Our Pumpkin Centerpiece

This year, grace your Thanksgiving table with farm fresh foods from our holiday menu. The selection includes all natural turkeys from Stonewood Farm in Vermont and side dishes and desserts made from scratch in the kitchen at Verrill Farm.

Because the demand is high for all of the holiday fare, we recommend ordering early.  To see the menu, click here.

Thanksgiving food preferences and discussions are part of the holiday tradition:  pecan or pumpkin, white meat or dark, stuff the bird or use a casserole…  but there is always agreement on the importance of serving a moist, flavorful bird!

Several years ago, owner Steve Verrill found Stonewood Farm in Vermont – a family owned farm producing premium quality, all natural turkeys which are tasty enough for the most discerning Thanksgiving guest!  The birds have been so popular that we are offering Stonewood Farm turkeys for the fourth year.  The uncooked birds are 12 – 30 pounds, sold in 2 pound increments, and cost $3.49 per pound.  For smaller groups, a frozen, boneless, skin on turkey breast from Stonewood Farm is also available.  Breasts run from 2 – 4 lbs and cost $6.99 per pound.

To complete the Thanksgiving menu and allow time for family and friends, order savory sides and delicious desserts prepared in the stand kitchen ready to serve at home.  Many sides use produce grown at the farm including Butternut Squash Purée, Glazed Carrots and the big favorite, Mashed Potatoes.   There is also Herb Stuffing, for those who prefer an outside-the-bird dish, and a home-made Giblet Stock Gravy.

Verrill Farm’s Thanksgiving desserts will satisfy a bounty of preferences – whether serving dinner at home or bringing dessert when going out.  There are Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin and Mince pies;  cakes, including Apple and Chocolate Rum, and tea breads to serve for dessert or a snack later on!  For the complete Thanksgiving menu of savory sides and desserts, click here.

To decorate the holiday table or to take as a hostess gift, order a floral centerpiece from Verrill Farm.  Choose from a cranberry vase or pumpkin filled with flowers or cornucopia style.  Prices start at $20.00;  orders must be received and pre-paid by Friday, November 19.  Bouquets of fresh flowers are also available.



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