What a tomato season!

Sun Gold cherry tomatoes

If you’ve not been down to our farm stand on Wheeler Road lately, you’ve got to plan a trip soon to check out our huge selection of tomatoes.

We’ve got oodles of heirloom, hybrid, plum and cherry tomatoes to choose from.

Many customers comment that there are just too many tomatoes to pick from. In our efforts to help our customers, we’ll be featuring descriptions of two types of tomatoes a week on our blog, but the best way to determine what tomato is your favorite is to try them all!

Our Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are a customer favorite – they are one of the sweetest cherry tomatoes we sell.

In addition to eating them by the handful (something I do) or enjoying in a salad, you can also make a delicious tomato sauce with them. Check out the recipe below and enjoy!

Recipe: Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta


One Response to “What a tomato season!”

  1. mcscrutiny Says:

    I have tracked back from our site. Let me know if you want me to remove it and I will.

    I tried to leave a comment previously but messed up. Hope I haven’t left two.

    Your customers are lucky to have access to real vine ripe tomatoes. Most supermarket tomatoes are packed green and gassed in transit to create the red color. I worked in a tomato packing house on Johns Island SC when I was in high school and the tomatoes we packed to ship were green. We would grab the red ones off the line and eat them like apples, since they couldn’t be shipped when they were actually vine ripe. The difference is real and your offering gives people a chance to really taste a tomato. Good luck to you.

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