Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces

Our Pumpkin Centerpiece

Our Pumpkin Centerpiece

Once again this year, we’ll be offering beautiful Floral Centerpieces to grace your Thanksgiving table.

There are five different centerpieces to choose from.

  • Pumpkin Centerpiece (pictured above), $35
  • Single-Candle Centerpiece (not pictured), $20
  • Double-Candle Centerpiece (not pictured), $33
  • Cranberry Vase (not pictured), $15
  • Cornucopia Centerpiece (pictured below), $30
Our Cornucopia Centerpiece

Our Cornucopia Centerpiece

We’ll have your centerpiece ready for pick up during Thanksgiving week. Orders must be pre-paid and placed by Friday, November 21.

Give us a call at 978 369-4494 to place your order.


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